Daniel Sauble


Im a Lead Product Designer with 10+ years of experience solving problems for developers, security teams, and IT operations in B2B tech startups.

I currently work at DataStax and am also a teaching faculty for an advanced machine learning class (CSCI E-82) at the Harvard Extension School. More details in my resume.

Want to work with me? Send a note to djsauble@gmail.com


API keys

API Keys
Manage all of your New Relic API keys in a single place

Developer website

Developer Website
Learn how to build custom apps on the New Relic platform

Package Filtering

Package Filtering
Keep bad npm packages out of your applications

Patch Manager

Puppet Patch Manager
Easily patch your IT systems with an existing configuration management tool

Tree Browsing

Tree Browsing
Peruse the contents of your software repositories in a structured way

Run Budget

Run Budget
Visualization tool to help long-distance runners build their mileage safely