Daniel Sauble


Hello! I’m a Product Owner with a background in Computer Science and B2B startups. I work at Sonatype and am learning Data Science at the Harvard Extension School.

I've been involved in product management since 2011, when I was responsible for defining, designing, and delivering the first live management feature in Puppet Enterprise. Since then, I've collaborated on a wide variety of interesting projects in the configuration management and software supply chain spaces. Some of these projects never made it past the roadmapping phase, but others came to full realization and have served hundreds of thousands users well.

My approach to product management (and design) is pretty simple:

  1. Understand the problems faced by users, and identify the subset of problems that the market will pay to see solved.
  2. Collaborate with subject-matter experts and specialists to deliver a solution that is simple, functional, and solves the problem for which it was hired.
  3. Communicate with stakeholders throughout the process to set clear expectations and minimize surprises.

While a product owner must be a master of delegation and lead with clear vision, I also try to keep grounded in the technical details of the work at hand. To do this, I code, design, research, and project manage on a regular basis to stay in touch with the realities of the work that my teams do every day.

I always have an eye out for the next challenge. Want to chat? Ping me at djsauble@gmail.com or @djsauble .


In my current role at Sonatype, I’m the lead for a product team focused on improving the cross-product experience. In the last eight months, we’ve shipped two features:

I also love building new products. On my own time, I built a training app for long-distance runners. At Puppet, I led design for a new product built around our core tech.

Beyond this, I’m the author of Offline First Web Development and write occasionally on Medium . I attend grad school and am training for a 50 mile ultramarathon .


A few examples of my work are linked below. If you’re looking for something specific, drop me a line and let’s chat further. I love doing new things; and there’s a good chance I can offer a fresh perspective if you have a unique design problem.