UX. Design. IxD.


My name is Daniel Sauble. I’m a UX designer with a background in Computer Science and B2B startups. I work at Sonatype and am learning Data Science at the Harvard Extension School.

Want to chat? Ping me at djsauble@gmail.com or @djsauble .


In my current role at Sonatype, I’m the lead for a product team focused on improving the cross-product experience. In the last eight months, we’ve shipped two features:

I also love building new products. On my own time, I built a training app for long-distance runners. At Puppet, I led design for a new product built around our core tech.

Beyond this, I’m the author of Offline First Web Development and write occasionally on Medium . I attend grad school and am training for a 50 mile ultramarathon .


A few examples of my work are linked below. If you’re looking for something specific, drop me a line and let’s chat further. I love doing new things; and there’s a good chance I can offer a fresh perspective if you have a unique design problem.